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Past Program: The Crop Hop

In 2012 SMADC was looking for a creative way to engage and educate the community about the importance of farms and fresh food. The Crop Hop-- A Cycling Tour of Southern Maryland Farms was designed to provide a fun and healthy way to learn about Southern Maryland’s diverse agriculture, and raise funds to provide fresh, local farm products to low-income communities in Southern Maryland. The event was for all riders, including avid cyclists and families. The Crop Hop was a success from the beginning, attracting riders from around the DC metropolitan area and as far away as Massachusetts. The Crop Hop was held twice in St. Mary’s county, Charles and Prince George’s counties.

The Crop Hop had three goals:

  • Connect people to the local food system by improving their understanding of local farms
  • Promote healthy living through a diet of fresh, local foods and physical activities such as bicycling
  • Support those who can’t afford to buy locally produced foods by donating proceeds to a local anti-hunger organization to purchase and distribute fresh local foods

Event highlights:

  • Four routes to accommodate all skill levels
  • Several farms featured as "Crop Hop Stops;" farms offer tours and educational presentations to riders
  • Streamlined on-line registration system for riders and volunteers
    A free meal featuring local farm food and meat, and a free T-shirt to each registered participant
  • Promotional and marketing support from SMADC to participating farms and sponsors
  • a dedicated Facebook page
  • a dedicated Twitter feed


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